Wicked Simply Hybrid Jelle

Wicked Simply Hybrid Jelle - Water & Silicone Blended Lubricant - 120 ml Bottle

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Rich and ultra thick, this hybrid lubricant is amazingly smooth and slick, with extra body for added cushion and unsurpassed glide. Anti-oxidant rich Olive leaf extract enhances this premium Jelle for its moisturising and bio-static properties.

Free from Propylene glucol, Glycerin, parabens and de-sensitisers, Simply Hybrid Jelle has been designed for increased wellness, satisfaction and pleasure.

- Propylene glycol, glycerin & Paraben-free

- Extra long lasting

- Great for anal play

- pH balanced

- Never sticky

- Easy clean-up

To use: Apply to area(s) where lubrication is desired. Rinses easily away with water Cautions: If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. This product is not intended for use as a contraceptive. Avoid contact with eyes.