Events Update

Hey mates, 

Until 2nd September rolls in, we won't know what's happening with lockdown and events for September and October. It's not looking great for any kind of parties happening until the vax has been rolled out, so we will likely have to cancel 'Homecoming Queers' on September 12th at the Carlton Club.

We've been thinking a lot about our queer arts community and all of the postponements, reschedules and lost work over the last 18 months. We'd love to be able to donate the ticket funds from Homecoming Queers (of those who can afford to donate theirs) to our queer artists community to help in some way. This is of course your choice.

This year alone, the artists we've booked have lost thousands of dollars of income and it breaks our hearts to see the live music and arts industry fall apart, severely impacting the people who have brought us so much joy at Tomboy. 

So far since covid, we've booked, cancelled and postponed 30 separate gig bookings for artists, photographers, producers and staff. Currently there is $3000 in ticket sales from Homecoming Queers. That's a $100 each (a mere fraction of their loss) but a boost to all of these artists nonetheless.

I would love to know your thoughts and words of support.

Please remember be kind, we're family!

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  • Nuz on

    I think this is a great idea..I’ve donated back to artists somehow with any tix I’ve bought this year and been refunded. I’m cool for you to donate my ticket cash back to artists x

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