Connection, Dating, Sex, Feminism, what do you want to discuss?

Hi Mates, 

We want you to be able to connect with one another away from social media, respectfully. This is a space to raise topics, learn, grow, meet, flirt and most importantly connect at a time when it's rather difficult. Pop some discussion ideas into the comments to kick us off. Any disrespectful or unkind comments will be removed ofc.

Love ya's, Tomboy xx

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  • Roze on

    Was great to meet you in West Bruni for walks! Now I’m in Maribyrnong, near the river & Highpoint I don’t know any locals to walk with …

  • Renee on

    I’d really like to open discussion with something positive. I really loved going out for walks with Tomboy mates (in my 5kms) during the last big lockdown.

    If anyone is up for more walk-mates, reply in the comments with your suburb and the kind of walks you’re into, eg. With dogs, for coffee, to make friends, to talk, to check out nature.

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